The Power of Prayer

NOTE: I actually wrote this yesterday well before Obama’s speech, but my wife, who gets on the internet for me, couldn’t post it until today.

Lunatics from Focus on the Family posted this video earlier in the month beeching the lord to douse Barack Obama’s speech at Mile High Stadium with rain. 

Currently in Denver, skies are clear.  It’s 76 degrees with 26% humidity. Winds are from the east northeast at 6 miles per hour. At speech time, it will be clear and 68 degrees.

Meanwhile, the Lord God almighty has sent a hurricane barreling toward New Orleans as we approach both the third anniversary of Katrina and the beginning of the Republican convention.  Right wing goober Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, and Governor Hair of Texas will both likely skip the convention so they don’t give off the odor of not giving a shit.

Now Fox News is reporting that President Bush may skip the convention too —  you know, to keep an eye on the storm.  The RNC is even considering postponing the convention entirely to avoid a conflict with the hurricane.

If it had rained tonight, Focus on the Family probably would have claimed credit.  It would have been evidence, they would no doubt have said, that god listened to their prayers.  Now that the Republican convention is being interrupted by a storm, will they finally admit that god hates them and wants to them to lose and probably suffer from painful urination too?

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