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PUMA: Morons, Case Closed

PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) and Just Say No Deal  are groups of alleged Hillary Clinton Supporters who can’t seem to understand that she lost.  These groups’ sole cause appears to be pushing the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton is, well, uh, no longer a candidate. 

They’ve pledged that under no circumstances will they support Barack Obama.   Many have endorsed John McCain.  In short, they’re Republicans.

PUMA and Just Say No Deal tried and spectacularly failed to derail the Democratic National Convention.  Why?  Because Bill and Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly endorsed Barack Obama, uniting the Democratic Party.  Also, these people are lunatics:

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McCain Would Rather Win an Election…

John McCain, in an attack on Barack Obama’s patriotism, says that Obama would rather lose a war than risk losing an election.  He also frequently says that he’s so patriotic that he doesn’t care about any particular election — he always puts country first.

Nobody who lives permanently on planet Earth believes Sarah Palin is qualified to be president.  She’s the former mayor of a town with fewer than 9,000 inhabitants and has been governor of a state with barely more than half a million residents for less than two years.  She has no known foreign policy views and no national security experience.  Before today, McCain had only met Palin once

McCain selected Palin to capture the votes of women — particularly those disaffected by Hillary Clinton’s loss in the Democratic primary.  McCain’s transparent targeting of Clinton voters was evident from the start, with Palin herself praising Hillary for showing such “determination and grace in her presidential campaign.”

Barack Obama picked Joe Biden.  Whatever you think of his politics — and I agree with them of course — you simply cannot argue that he’s not ready to be president.

So who cares more about the country than an election?

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An Ad the Obama Campaign Ought to Run

John McCain’s response to everything is to point out that he was a POW.  When defending himself for not being able to remember how many houses he owns, McCain said that there was a time in his life when he didn’t have any homes, didn’t have a table and didn’t have a chair.

That, of course, was nowhere near the point.  The point was that he was either too old to remember how many properties he owns or that he’s too rich and out of touch to understand the lives of ordinary people. 

Engaging in a debate with someone with absolute moral authority is a tough one, but the Democrats have to do it to win.  Here’s the ad they ought to run.

A former POW or soldier wounded in battle should say the following into the camera:

Senator McCain, you served this country honorably and well.

Nobody can ever give you back those five and a half years you spent as a POW.

But you are wrong on the issues. You’ve voted with George Bush 90% of the time. You think Americans are better off than they were eight years ago. You think the economy is going strong, which would be consistent with your admission that you don’t know that much about economics. You want to keep our troops in Iraq for 100 years.

We’re ready for change and that’s just not something you can deliver. For your service and your suffering, our country owes you a debt it can never repay. But it doesn’t owe you the presidency.

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Happy Birthday, John!

Cindy McCain recently sent me a very nice note.  It included a request for money.  I considered sending her $3.95, but then realized she was unlikely to send back any beer. 

Cindy also asked me to send her husband a birthday card.  She was thoughtful enough to enclose the card she wanted me to send and asked that I write a personal note on it.  I did and here it is:

Yes, that’s written in English, not Hebrew.  Here’s what it says:

The President exercises control over the nuclear button.  When my grandfather was 72, we didn’t let him use the remote.  Enjoy your retirement. 


(Happy Birthday)

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Dear RNC,

I’ve been getting junk mail from the Republican National Committee for years.  I’ve asked them to stop, but they never do. 

June 2nd of this year was kind of quiet around my office, so I tried to clarify my interest in being taken off their lists.  It didn’t work, but it felt good.  Here’s the letter:

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Good for Fox News

They say it’s a mouthpiece for the RNC, but I have to give Fox News credit.  Immediately following the McCain-Palin event at which she was announced as his running mate, Fox got an extended reaction directly from the campaign of John McCain.

UPDATE…here’s the video:

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By the Numbers

Barack Obama is 47.  Joe Biden is 65.   Total: 112.

Sarah Palin is 44.  John McCain is 72.  Total: 116.

The Republicans still have it on the strength of John McCain’s decrepitness.

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