First Sighting of Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Views?

Yesterday, I noted that Sarah Palin was a Pat Buchanan supporter in 1999.  I suggested that the Obama campaign begin running ads in South Florida to point out to people who could be my grandparents that someone potentially very close to the presidency or actually in it once supported a Jew-hater for that office. 

Is a complete unknown who supported a despicable Israel-basher for president worthy of the Jewish votes McCain seeks?  Since Palin has no known foreign policy views of her own, it’s a fair question to ask.

A clue to her views on the Middle East may be stuck in her windowsill.  Yesterday, a story alleging that Palin’s youngest son is actually her grandson was posted on Daily Kos.  The item included an interview with Palin in her Juneau office.  Clearly visible over her left shoulder is an Israeli flag.  Here are a couple of screenshots:


It looks like she may even be wearing an Israeli flag lapel pin — I can’t tell. 

This year, we celebrated Israel’s 60th anniversary, so it’s entirely possible the flags and possible flag pin were there to mark the occasion.  So maybe she’s pro-Israel after all.  If so, good for her.  I’m glad to hear it.  But that’s not the point. 

What’s important is that John McCain’s first presidential decision was to thrust upon the nation someone who may have to make critical decisions affecting every last one of us and we’re all reduced to squinting at blurry photos to try and decipher her views on the world.


Several readers have said that Palin supported Steve Forbes, not Pat Buchanan in 2000.  Allah Pundit points to this Politico story laying out the evidence:

After looking into it, McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb says that Sarah Palin supported Steve Forbes, not Pat Buchanan, in 1996, contrary to what Buchanan said on “Hardball.”

Not particularly compelling, but something to keep in mind as information about this tabula rasa dribbles in.  If only we had some blurry photographic evidence to prove it…


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5 responses to “First Sighting of Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Views?

  1. Scott

    She wasn’t a Buchanan supporter in 99. She was a Steve Forbes supporter.

  2. V. Hammond

    State Flag of Alaska, Oops!

    I have an open mind on the issue of Sarah Palin’s mystery baby. It does sound odd to me her actions but I’m sorry, there is no Israeli Flag in that office, it’s the Alaska State Flag.

  3. CSI on the Case

    This is hilarious! We have to resort to forensic science in order to figure out her foreign policy views.

    If we look hard enough, we might find Bigfoot and the LochNess monster on the credenza.

  4. geoffberg

    V. Hammond:

    Look in the windowsill over her left shoulder.

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