How to Make a Reporter Heel

Yesterday, Bill Bennett tore into CNN reporter Kyra Phillips for what he thought was an unfair bit of reporting on Sarah Palin live from Alaska.  It made for an uncomfortable moment.  Here’s the video.

No video yet, but tonight, as the Republican convention really gets underway, Philips did another remote from Juneau.  This time, though, her “report” was a two minute gush all over Sarah Palin.  Her hard-hitting investigation has apparently revealed that

No matter what your politics are, Wolf, she’s a fascinating woman.  That’s pretty much the feeling here in Alaska. She represents change to everybody here. I hear a lot of comparisons — she’s the Barack Obama of the Republican party. . . She’s young, she’s charismatic, people love her here. . .  We can’t lose sight of the good things she’s done for this state. . . I wish I could have a chance to sit down with her, have a beer with her, go fishing with her.

As if to acknowledge that she was too snakebit today to do any actual reporting on Sarah Palin, she wrapped by giggling nervously and saying, “don’t tell my friend Bill Bennett,” who was, of course, sitting on the panel.

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One response to “How to Make a Reporter Heel

  1. Lynne Green

    Ooh! Here’s her state trophy. Her signed basketball! And her yearbook! Omigawd, she is too hot for words. – One might hope that the simpering, pandering piece Kyra Phillips did on Ms. Pallin, was really actually her audition tape for MTV and E! that got mixed up with an actual news feed. Didn’t this gushing head once earn “Reporter of the Year” acclaim?

    Thomas Paine, please. Where are we when we need you?

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