Palin Supports Her Daughter, the Teenage Mother-to-Be; Your Daughter, Not so Much

WaPo: Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms.  Here’s the line item veto:

Go see for yourself.  Amazing.


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4 responses to “Palin Supports Her Daughter, the Teenage Mother-to-Be; Your Daughter, Not so Much

  1. Donny K

    That’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats. When she says she supports her daughter she is talking about herself and her family, not looking for support from the government.

    Classic Democratic reflex

    support = government help

  2. geoffberg

    So let’s see if I understand the Republican view: We have the means to support ourselves. If you don’t, too bad for you — you’re on your own. And by the way, if you don’t have the means to do as I do, too bad again because we’ll make sure that the government legislates our morality, which you can’t afford.

    It’s easy to moralize when you’re at the top of the food chain.

  3. Ron S.

    Nothing in the Constitution about forcably taking money away from others to give to someone who used bad judgement. Their are other avenues, church’s, charitable groups that can take care of these things.

    Plus, it’s more proof that sex education in schools the way it is done does not and has not worked with teen pregancies, std’s and abortions up over the past decades. Money doesn’t fix it, societal change will not stop it but WILL slow it down.

  4. geoffberg

    Ron S.,

    The government taxes for all sorts of programs: Medicare, Medicaid, Farm Subsidies, and a lot more.

    The Constitution provides for the “general welfare.” That’s what this is. Are you arguing that unless the words “teen mothers” are literally “in” the Constitution, no authority exists to provide a program for their welfare? If so, your view is foreign to 200 years of Constitutional law.

    And anyway, the Governor of Alaska derives her authority from the Constitution of the State of Alaska, not the Federal Constitution. Authority to protect the public “health and welfare” is found in that document. See p. 26 of

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