The Coming Palin Backlash

It’s been fun beating up on John McCain for picking Sarah Palin as his running mate.  As any number of writers, pundits, bloggers, and I have pointed out, she’s uniquely unqualified to be vice president or president.  McCain’s decision to put her on the ticket and potentially a heartbeat away from the presidency is unforgivably irresponsible. 

The national spotlight is a tough place to be.  Speculation about her fifth child’s parentage and her seventeen year old daughter’s private life dominated the news cycle. 

Sarah Palin is not Dan Quayle.  She can put a sentence together and can get through a speech.  She may sound like the girl making Blizzards at the Anchorage Dairy Queen, but she is not without rhetorical skills.  And now that her family has come under such close scrutiny, expect her to hit back hard in her acceptance speech at the RNC. 

I fully expect her to say the following to a rousing ovation from the Republican delegates:

“I’ve got a wonderful husband who loves me, and five beautiful children.  My oldest son is about to deploy to Iraq.  I’ve got a daughter in high school.  My youngest son has special needs.  Todd and I love them all equally and would do anything for them. 

The Democrat [sic] Party and their allies in the media and on the Internet have savagely attacked my children and delved into their private lives.  So let me make this as clear as I possibly can: my family isn’t running for vice president, I am. Criticize me all you want.  But when you attack my family, you’ve gone too far and I won’t stand for it.” 

The media will talk about how tough she is and how underestimated she was.  They’ll praise her ability to give a speech and hit back hard at her critics.  She’ll be the new Hillary — underestimated at first, but smart and formidable.

Of course, she still won’t have given a post-selection interview.  She will not have answered any questions about her actual qualifications, philosophy, or knowledge of the world.  And she will still be entirely unqualified for the presidency.  But she and John McCain will get a lift from her acceptance speech, which the media will praise as tough and evidence of her readiness to be on the national stage.

Expect to see the speech — especially “you’ve gone too far and I won’t stand for it” — in McCain ads.


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6 responses to “The Coming Palin Backlash

  1. Amelia

    Apparently she didn’t hear the part about Obama firing anybody on his team who so much as mentions her kids.

  2. AK realist

    People love to overlook the fact that PALIN herself hung her daughter out as a shield when the investigation into her and her husband’s ethics breeches in AK uncovered new and even more damning evidence against them..emails from Sarah herself demanding the firing of her ex-bro-in-law.

    NO other party, no other candidate, no insensitive reporter did this to her daughter…it was Palin herself.

    Amazing how it’s been spun like it was some sort of “unfair” attack on Palin when she’s responsible.

    Like the many decent, caring parents who are public figures; she could have insisted on a media block on her kids but instead she’s used them as positive press and deflection from her criminal investigations every step of the way. You can’t play the mommy card as part of your tiny resume and then tell everyone how horrible they are for actually looking at what you submitted as a resume.

    Gossip dies quickly if you don’t keep it alive by repeatedly addressing it. Palin should have been responsible and NEVER put her kids into the media.

    She was the first to urge Stevens to answer FBI questions when he was under investigation but when Palin’s under investigation; first she has to spend lots and lots of time with her Down’s baby, then she has to “defend” her daugher from the press that SHE put out???

    Palin has had time for numerous press releases about her investigation…all with completely different claims as new evidence is discovered. She’s made very carefully timed press releases and photo ops with her family as new evidence is discovered that she can’t refute but she has thus far REFUSED to meet with investigators!

    She’s made her children into a bullet-proof shield for herself and anyone stupid enough to buy into the pity vote here deserves what they’ll get.

    Don’t buy the rhetoric issued on national coverage sites. Look at the Alaskan papers to learn about her ethics breeches and her actual LACK of record. and will give you a start.

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  4. Marco

    You just described the situation with Barack Obama and I do recall he’s running as the actual heartbeat for President.

  5. ascientist

    You were right !!!!
    I just read a story about the sports bar in Wasilla packed with 100 people cheering her on last night. We are at the same place we were last Friday, with Sarah emerging as a new star, only, due to the massive media attacks, she is much more famous. If they are able to maintain this rising star buzz for 1-2 weeks, I predict Sarah will be like teflon-Ron.

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