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Seen on the Floor of the RNC

Isn’t that sweet?  Someone made a cross out of a John McCain “Service” placard. (Sorry for the grainy photo.)

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Sarah Palin’s Jeremiah Wright(s) II

Yesterday, I wrote about some of the weirdos who have spoken at Sarah Palin’s church over the years.  I wondered then whether she actually heard any of those sermons, since the right thought it was a legitimate question vis-a-vis Obama/Jeremiah Wright.

Now we know.  Linking to Politico, John Aravosis at AMERICAblog has additional information and it ain’t pretty.  Palin was reportedly there as David Brickner, a Jew for Jesus,

described terrorist attacks on Israelis as God’s “judgment of unbelief” of Jews who haven’t embraced Christianity.

John notes that McCain was glad to pile on and tie Barack Obama to Jeremiah Wright.  

And as a Jew and a supporter of Israel, I would add this:

Jews for Jesus believe that Jews-not-for-Jesus go to hell.  They use unforgivable attacks against civilians to patronizingly lecture the rest of us about getting “saved.”  I couldn’t care less what they believe, but these cultists see terrorist attacks against Jews as confirmation of their loony views.  So they exploit them. 

And people who exploit the deaths of innocent people — Jews, Arabs, whoever — ought to be condemned, not honored in a place of worship, particularly by a candidate for the Vice Presidency of the United States.  So why didn’t Sarah Palin get all Mavericky, show some leadership and leave in protest? My guess: because she agrees.


Andrew Sullivan points out that Jews for Jesus doesn’t just try and “save” poor schmoes like me, as the ADL reports, it “targets” us

for Conversion with Subterfuge and Deception.

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Palin: Iraq War a “Task From God”

You really had to know this was coming.  Watch this video of Sarah Palin speak to her church on June 8 of this year.  [To be clear, Palin’s speech is here.  The video below is not her.]

Although this was the first time I’d seen it, it was as if I’d heard Palin’s speech before.  I think I remember where:

In her sermon speech, she says that the Iraq war is a “task from God.”  It’s always nice to hear political leaders discuss their divine missions. Like this guy:

Or this handsome devil:

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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: New Feminist

Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is against a lot of things.  She opposes legislation to strengthen women’s’ rights in the workplace, wants to outlaw abortion, voted no on more funding for schools, and voted no — twice — on SCHIP, which would have provided health insurance to two to four million children.  One of her biggest boosters is Phyllis Schlafly, the anti-feminist crusader. 

So it was rather strange to see Bachmann take up for women on Larry King last night, where she appeared on a panel with James Carville.

Carville argued that Sarah Palin was unqualified to be either vice president or president.  He made no mention of her gender and in no way suggested that Palin’s sex had anything to do with her qualifications or obvious lack of them. 

Bachmann responded that women would find Carville’s argument “demeaning”.   Really?

Isn’t it actually demeaning to women, women’s rights, and the equal rights movement to cry sexism where none exists?  Doesn’t it demean women for Michele Bachmann to use the suffering of actual victims of sexism — women for whom she has previously had no sympathy — solely to escape an argument she can’t win? 

I agree with Jed.  Round one to Carville. 

Incidentially, Bachmann only decided to run for Congress after God told her to.  She’s a fool….a fool for Christ, that is.

Oh and remember Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman living in a persistent vegitative state? Bachmann, a non-doctor who lives in Minnesota diagnosed her as “healthy.”

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Sarah Palin’s Jeremiah Wright(s)

Some of the sermons to which Sarah Palin may or may not have been listening over the years:

The purpose for the United States is… to glorify God. This nation is a Christian nation.

God will not be mocked. I don’t care what the ACLU says. God will not be mocked. I don’t care what atheists say. God will not be mocked. I don’t care what’s going on in the nation today with so much horrific rebellion and sin and things that take place. God will not be mocked. Judgment Day is coming. Where do you stand?

Just giving in a little bit is a disastrous thing…You can’t serve both man and God. It is one or the other.

I read this thing a couple of times and couldn’t find the part that says we’re supposed to glorify God.  The “Christian nation” thing isn’t in my copy, either.  I probably should have gone to Regent.


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The Power of Prayer

NOTE: I actually wrote this yesterday well before Obama’s speech, but my wife, who gets on the internet for me, couldn’t post it until today.

Lunatics from Focus on the Family posted this video earlier in the month beeching the lord to douse Barack Obama’s speech at Mile High Stadium with rain. 

Currently in Denver, skies are clear.  It’s 76 degrees with 26% humidity. Winds are from the east northeast at 6 miles per hour. At speech time, it will be clear and 68 degrees.

Meanwhile, the Lord God almighty has sent a hurricane barreling toward New Orleans as we approach both the third anniversary of Katrina and the beginning of the Republican convention.  Right wing goober Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, and Governor Hair of Texas will both likely skip the convention so they don’t give off the odor of not giving a shit.

Now Fox News is reporting that President Bush may skip the convention too —  you know, to keep an eye on the storm.  The RNC is even considering postponing the convention entirely to avoid a conflict with the hurricane.

If it had rained tonight, Focus on the Family probably would have claimed credit.  It would have been evidence, they would no doubt have said, that god listened to their prayers.  Now that the Republican convention is being interrupted by a storm, will they finally admit that god hates them and wants to them to lose and probably suffer from painful urination too?

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