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I Misspell Hypocrisy

Tags are added to posts so that subjects can be categorized, making them easy to find for readers.  Since bloggers write about the same subjects over and over and frequently use the same tags, they’re saved.  WordPress has an autocomplete function which remembers them.  When a few letters are typed, the writer simply presses tab and the repeat tag is added.

It turns out I had ants in my pants the first time I tagged a post with “Republican hypocracy.”  See what I’m getting at? If not, you may have a spelling problem too.

I’ve corrected the mistake and Republicans are hypocrites again.

I’m comforted by the knowledge that my spelling error doesn’t disqulify me from high office. 

Credit to Janice for noticing that I am a moron and being disturbingly eager to point it out.

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