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Lindsey Graham Caught Off Guard on Bridge to Nowhere

George Stephanopoulos interviewed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) this morning.  Graham almost immediately trotted out the Republican claim that Sarah Palin bravely opposed the bridge-to-nowhere. 

What Graham genuinely didn’t seem to realize was that she was first in favor of the project (and campaigned in for it) in 2006.  She changed her position only when a national outrage erupted over the bridge’s proposed cost (and a month after John McCain attacked it). 

Stephanopoulos pointed out that Palin was in favor of the bridge and only abandoned her support when the project became a “national joke.”  Graham’s response was stammering and nonsensical: “Well, the point is that she had the courage to say, ‘we’re not going to do it because its not the right signal we want to send to everybody else from Alaska.'”  Actually, the point is that she didn’t to do what you just tried to give her credit for. 

Seriously, do these people know a single thing about Sarah Palin’s record? Country first!

Here’s the Graham/ Stephanopoulos video:

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