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Michael Kinsley Dissects Republican “Communist-style-U-Turn” on Experience

Michael Kinsley has a great piece in the WaPo on Republican…flexibility on the experience issue.

It’s not about the proper role of experience as an issue. It’s not about experience at all. It’s about honesty. The question should be whether McCain — and all the other Republicans who have been going on for months about Obama’s dangerous lack of foreign policy experience — ever meant a word of it. And the answer is apparently not. Many conservative pundits woke up this morning fully prepared to harp on Obama’s alleged lack of experience for months more. Now they face the choice of either executing a Communist-style U-turn (“Experience? Feh! Who needs it?”) or trying to keep a straight face while touting the importance of having been mayor of a town of 9,000 if you later find yourself president of a nation of 300 million.

Kinsley notes, as I did two days ago (heh), that the Rs apparently no longer┬ábelieve that being the “failed governor of a small state” disqualifies a national┬ácandidate.

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